Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Countdown to Grimmoire

Today it is exactly a month until the publication Modern Grimmoire: Contemporary Fairy Tales, Folktales and Fables, an anthology in which my story, The Mirror Child, is to be featured. In a faraway land (America), the book has been sent to the printer, and Indigo Ink Press is now preparing for the big launch.

The first exciting aspect of this is that I have an author's profile on their website, here. It's not vastly different to the one on this blog, but it's shiny and new and I like it very much.

Secondly, Indigo Ink is hosting a Poison Apple Ball for the release of the book. Sadly, I am fresh out of ruby slippers/magic carpets/floo powder etc. and will not be able to attend, but it looks to be a fabulous evening (the dress code is 'fairy tale formal' - imagine the possibilities!)

Thirdly, as well as a beautiful cover, Indigo Ink has released a longer description of Modern Grimmoire on their website. Now to be perfectly honest, up until this point I've mostly been focused on seeing my own story in print, however the below has made me pretty keen to read the rest too:

Awaiting you inside are the collected works of thirty-six emerging authors and artists from around the world. Through short fiction, poetry and artwork, you’ll meet a talking cat-girl and a girl that talks to cats; librarians like you’ve never imagined and royalty like you always have; an ex-court painter, an all too persuasive frog, and an out-of-work wolfman.

Some twist and twine their happily-ever-after predecessors in inventive ways; others craft entirely new magical faces and places. All collected, the anthology is ripe with sticky sweet revenge, altogether timely fates, and all-conquering (and conquesting) love.

… Modern Grimmoire has all of the makings of your favorite tales, Grimm and otherwise: the magic and mischief; the savagery and anticipation; the romance and cruelty; the heroism and symbolism; and the entertainment and enlightenment.

Bring on May 11th.